Tali Farhadian Weinstein is a prosecutor, a professor, and a proven criminal justice reformer.  She is also an immigrant, a daughter, a wife, and the mother of three girls. 

Like so many immigrants, Tali’s parents, Farah and Nasser, had the courage to sacrifice everything and to face the unknown so that she and her siblings could grow up experiencing fairness, safety, and justice. Tali has dedicated her life to fighting for those principles; from serving the country that gave her refuge, opportunity, and freedom, to standing up as a champion for those who face vulnerability and violence in their lives. 

She’ll continue this fight as Manhattan DA.

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The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office can and should set the national example in delivering fairness, safety, and justice for all. Learn more about Tali’s priorities:


From President Obama’s Department of Justice to the Brooklyn DA’s office, Tali has spent her career fighting for New Yorkers and shaping a national model of progressive prosecution – and she won’t stop as Manhattan DA.

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