Tali Farhadian Weinstein Unveils 10-Point Gun Policy Plan

Tali pledges to tackle gun trafficking, accelerate gun prosecutions, and more.

Tali will appoint a Gun Violence Coordinator to her Executive Leadership Team.


NEW YORK – Today, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, candidate for Manhattan district attorney, announced a diverse and complex 10-point plan to stop the ongoing threat of gun violence. 

To help execute this plan, Tali will appoint a Gun Violence Coordinator on her Executive Leadership Team, to work across divisions and bureaus directing and monitoring firearms-related causes and initiatives. 

Currently, gun violence is the most important public safety crisis in New York City. Tali’s approach combines  targeted and swift enforcement of existing laws, with  a renewed focus on community engagement and collaboration, and stopping violence before it can spread. 

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Gun violence poses an unacceptable threat to public health and safety. As a former federal prosecutor, Tali took on gun violence, including murders, and understands the district attorney must be fearless and fair in order to protect all Manhattanites. 

“In taking on gun crime, prosecutors must have the judgment and experience to know when to be aggressive and when to be progressive,” said Tali Farhadian Weinstein. “As DA, I will use the resources, tools and strategies laid out in this plan to ensure the office does its part to respond to the horrible trauma that gun violence has inflicted on the people who live and work in our borough.”

Communities across the city, already struggling with what felt like unprecedented trauma from the Covid-19 pandemic, now have to contend with a second and increasingly worrisome shock: 

August alone brought 242 separate shooting incidents, representing a more than 166 percent increase from the same period in 2019.

“In New York City, the pain of gun violence hit us particularly hard this summer,” said Farhadian Weinstein. “The violence is indiscriminate, but as is often and tragically the case, the victims are disproportionately kids and young adults. It is clear that law enforcement, and prosecutors in particular, cannot solve this crisis alone. But we must do our part and do it well.  And we must stand ready to work with leaders within communities to address root causes and to interrupt violence before it happens.”  


Tali’s 10-point plan addresses:


  1. Gun Trafficking
    • Trafficking is at the root of gun violence. Tali will increase the investigative capacity of DANY’s Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit and prioritize training to go after gun traffickers in complex, interstate cases. The office will enforce under-used SAFE Act provisions and invest in state and federal gun trace technology.
  2. Ghost Guns
    • Tali will implement an initiative to reinforce new laws and address the rapid proliferation of these untraceable, build-it-yourself and 3-D printed firearms.
  3. Accelerating Gun Prosecutions
    • Because speed and the certainty of punishment are the greatest deterrent, Tali will implement a dedicated Gun Court to accelerate firearms prosecutions.
  4. Domestic Violence + Gun Violence
    • Covid-19 has precipitated surges in both domestic violence and gun sales, which is especially troubling because the presence of a gun makes it five times more likely that a woman will be killed by her abuser. Tali will respond to this threat by opening a new Bureau of Gender-Based Violence, and inaugurating a specialized team focused on responding to high risk cases. 
  5. Diversion Programs
    • In Brooklyn, dedicated diversion programs for youthful offenders–which end in dismissal of charges and a second chance–have shown promising results in meeting these goals, without any cost to public safety. Tali will bring these tactics to Manhattan giving young people in the criminal justice system a second chance to make better decisions.
  6. Juvenile Prosecution Unit
    • Tali will inaugurate a dedicated unit to handle juvenile gun cases, embracing the core values of Raise the Age and favoring removal to family court.
  7. Violence Interruption Programs
    • Tali will redefine efforts to support victims of gun violence and stop the cycle through community-led anti-violence initiatives and violence interruption efforts. 
  8. Direct Support For the Most-Impacted Communities
    • Community support is essential to solving gun crimes, and Tali will strive to enhance community trust by improving victims’ services, so those impacted by gun violence receive help as early as possible.
  9. Enforcing New York’s Red Flag Law
    • Tali will institute stringent use of the Red Flag law and create a new position of Title IX Liaison to work with public schools and higher education officials on the use of Extreme Risk Protection Order applications.
  10. Enhanced Gun Buyback Initiatives
    • Tali will partner with local community groups with legitimacy and expertise in neighborhoods most affected by gun violence to design and publicize programs that help rebuild trust. She also will designate places of worship, community centers, and non-profit buildings – rather than government offices – as drop off locations.


Click here to read Tali’s full 10-point plan and its sources.