Tali Outlines Plan as Racially-Motivated Violence Against Asians Rises, Nationally and Locally

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NEW YORK — Today, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, candidate for Manhattan district attorney, announced her plan to fight the disturbing increase in racially-motivated crime against Asians. Tali’s policy addresses prevention and response to hate crimes, as well as strengthening trust with the Asian community and building a more inclusive district attorney’s office.

“As an immigrant who fled violence in my homeland as well as a prosecutor, I understand how hate can destabilize an entire community,” said Tali Farhadian Weinstein. “Hate crimes are different from other crimes — the underlying assault hurts the individual victim, but an entire community feels the effects and the inhibition and isolation that follow. The Asian community is integral to the cultural and economic lifeblood of New York City. These are our friends and neighbors, and as district attorney, I will ensure that we take every reported incident seriously, investigate fully, and prosecute fearlessly.”

Tomorrow, Tali will host a forum to combat anti-Asian hate crimes with community partners and stakeholders to discuss the current crisis and strategies to make New York safe for all communities.

Hate crimes targeting New York’s Asian community soared in 2020, increasing 833 percent. Twenty-four of these 28 attacks were recorded under the NYPD’s new “corona-related” tracking category, which the Department added at the start of the pandemic. In 2021, the actual number of hate crimes is likely even higher than the data suggests; both the NYPD and advocacy groups note that many incidents go unreported or are not appropriately classified as hate crimes.

As a member of the New York State Bar Association Task Force on Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism, Tali recommended legislative and other reforms to better address acts of hate. She will draw on that expertise as district attorney. Her background as both a local and federal prosecutor has prepared her to hold the perpetrators of hateful attacks accountable, implement investigation and prosecution strategies that will prevent future incidents, educate the public, and build trust with the Asian community of Manhattan.

Tali knows that the recovery and prosperity of our city depends on safety and that the district attorney must take this responsibility seriously. Her plan to protect New York’s Asian community addresses:

Tackling Hate Crimes:

  • Accountability: Tali believes speed and certainty of punishment are the greatest deterrents; she will ensure that hate crime reports are swiftly and thoroughly investigated.

  • Law Enforcement Training: Tali will improve training for prosecutors and law enforcement officials in her office, so they are prepared to approach each case with expertise, as well as compassion and empathy.

  • Building Trust with Communities: Tali will prioritize outreach to Manhattan’s Asian community to address any distrust of law enforcement that might interfere with reporting. She will also develop partnerships with community groups to educate them on identifying and reporting hate crimes.

  • Preventative Measures: Tali supports taking steps to correct the spread of misinformation and hate online against Asians.

  • Eliminating Barriers to Reporting: Under Tali’s leadership, the district attorney’s office will ensure easy reporting and have multilingual intake officers who can record incident reports in several languages. Tali will likewise advocate for the NYPD to improve reporting mechanisms.

Building a More Inclusive Office:

  • Greater Office Diversity: Tali will work with the Asian-American Bar Association and community leaders to increase representation in the office at every level.

  • Hiring Translators: Tali will hire translators to assist with outreach materials, and support casework and investigation of incidents affecting members of the Asian community.

  • Community Liaisons: Tali will hire liaisons who will be responsible for community outreach, attending community meetings, identifying issues affecting Asian New Yorkers, and tracking cases of specific concerns.

Keeping Our Streets and Businesses Safe:

  • Protecting Workers: Tali will create a new Bureau of Worker Protection (BWP) to house a dedicated team of investigators and prosecutors to focus on wage theft, prevailing wage and overtime violations; labor trafficking; health and safety violations; worker’s compensation, insurance, payroll, tax and benefit fraud; and harassment, retaliation and sexual assault claims.

  • Prosecuting Fraud: Drawing from her experience in the leadership of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, Tali will hold accountable those who target and exploit immigrants through fraud and other crimes.

  • Tackling Gun Violence: Tali will work with federal agencies to stem the flow of guns into the city, increase the speed of gun prosecutions in a new Gun Court to protect businesses from armed robberies and other gun crimes, and will install a Gun Violence Coordinator in her front office.

To learn more about Tali’s plans to deliver safety and fairness for all, please visit www.taliforda.com.