Tali believes prosecutors must do less to do more. The district attorney must lighten the heavy hand of the criminal justice system by foregoing prosecutions that send people into the system unnecessarily and unfairly, and that perpetuate racial injustice. Then, prosecutors must use their resources to pursue the cases that legitimately promote public safety. As a national expert and professor of criminal justice reform at the local level, and drawing on her experience as part of the executive leadership team implementing reform at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, Tali believes in a DA’s office that is ethical, fair, and advances equity for all New Yorkers.

As district attorney, Tali will:

Reduce Incarceration 

  • Commit to bail reform and reduce the number of people detained before trial.
  • Reduce significantly the use of incarceration and criminal conviction as a response to low-level, non-violent crime.
  • Offer and support community-based programming to address the underlying causes of criminal behavior, and favor, wherever possible, investments in programs that stop crime before it happens.
  • Incorporate sensitivity to mental health and addiction problems.

Increase Fairness

  • Prioritize robust pre-arrest investigation.
  • Ensure charges are truthful and reflect the facts of the case. 
  • Consider collateral consequences in charging and sentencing decisions. 
  • Monitor, and commit to eliminating racial and other unacceptable disparities in charging and throughout; and regularly make data on disparities publicly available.
  • Engage in fair plea bargaining. 
  • Treat everyone who has contact with the office with respect.