An Immigrant & Experienced Prosecutor With a Long Record of Delivering Safety, Fairness and

Real Criminal Justice Reform

Tali Would Be the First Woman and Immigrant to Lead Manhattan DA Office


NEW YORK —  Supporters of Tali Farhadian Weinstein have contributed over $2.25 million for her historic run for Manhattan district attorney, the campaign announced today. In just six months since declaring her candidacy, Tali has raised more in new contributions than previously collected by all other candidates, combined. If elected, Tali would be the first woman and the first immigrant to lead the Manhattan DA’s Office in its 200-year history. 

Boosted by her record as a successful federal and state prosecutor and a criminal justice reform leader, Tali had more than 2,000 unique donors, including educators, scientists and medical professionals, writers, students and seniors, lawyers, civil rights and criminal justice advocates, and people who work across the city’s industries – all of them advocating for the reform and leadership that Tali will deliver as DA. 

«I am honored to have such an overwhelming amount of support,» said Tali Farhadian Weinstein. «In just 24 weeks, during a pandemic, so many people have stepped up to stand with me and for our shared mission of public safety and equal justice. They understand how important this office is to their daily lives and to the recovery of our city. And they know that it’s time to curb gun violence, fight and prevent gender-based violence, stop hate crimes, take on economic crimes, protect New York’s most vulnerable, and ensure that like cases are treated alike throughout.»

The funding included more than 1,700 contributions of $200 or less, and 95 percent of those were under $101, indicating widespread support across communities. Seventy-seven percent of Tali’s funding comes from Manhattan; her campaign also has drawn attention and support from across the state and country. She is endorsed by former US Attorney General Eric Holder and former NAACP president Ben Jealous. Tali also received the personal endorsement of Jackie Rowe-Adams, co-founder of Harlem Mothers S.A.V.E.

Tali, who came to the US as a child when her family fled the violence and anti-Semitism of revolutionary Iran, knows firsthand that equal opportunity depends on safety, fairness, and justice for all. With more experience than any other candidate in the race, she has the demonstrated track record and leadership skills to implement her vision in Manhattan.

Tali was a Law Clerk for incoming US Attorney General nominee Judge Merrick B. Garland and for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. During the Obama Administration, she served as Counsel for then-Attorney General  Holder, working directly with him against unnecessarily long sentences, better court defenses for the economically disadvantaged and more fairness for non-citizens.

“At a time when the integrity of the criminal justice system is in question, we need leaders for whom fairness, safety, and equity are not just goals they hope to achieve, but realities that they have already helped deliver. That’s why I’m supporting Tali,” said Eric Holder, a native New Yorker.   

As an Assistant US Attorney for New York’s Eastern District under the leadership of then-US Attorney (and later, Attorney General) Loretta Lynch, Tali investigated and prosecuted gun crimes, murders, tax fraud and evasion, public corruption and national security cases. Most recently, as General Counsel to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Tali directed complex litigation, managed multiple bureaus and led the creation of the Post-Conviction Justice Bureau – including supervision of the Conviction Review Unit that serves as a national model and published a ground-breaking report reckoning with wrongful convictions.  

“People are hungry for authentic leaders they can believe in — people they can trust, who will serve their communities with vulnerability and honesty. Under Tali’s leadership, I have no doubt Manhattan will set an example for the rest of the country of what it means to prosecute tough cases AND treat communities fairly,” said former NAACP president Ben Jealous.

“Tali has proven to be a dedicated and courageous leader. She understands that gun violence is the most important public safety crisis in New York City. She knows we need the police to work with us,” said Jackie Rowe-Adams, who lost two children to gun violence. “Tali is the only person who has taken the time to listen to our personal experiences with gun violence and cares about our needs, and I know she will work diligently to ensure our streets are safe for our children.”

Tali is the only candidate in the race to have limited herself to accepting just $1 from any lawyer who works in a firm with a criminal defense practice in New York City, in order to avoid conflicts  — or the appearance thereof — that would undermine trust in law enforcement. 

New Yorkers for Tali does not accept contributions from attorneys currently employed by the Office of the Manhattan District Attorney, or from unions that represent members of law enforcement agencies that work with the District Attorney’s Office.